FGV Energia and IDE promote workshop with Rede Management professors

FGV Energia - Center for Studies in Energy and the Institute for Educational Development (IDE) promote today, November 19, a workshop to present professors and coordinators of the Power sector the recently created Center for Studies in Energy of Getúlio Vargas Foundation.

The Center for Studies in Energy is linked to FGV Presidency and was created as a goal to position the Foundation as protagonist in the analysis, research and discussion about energy in the country, as well as internationally set the Foundation as one of the main think tanks of the world in the sector. It also intends to subsidize the preparation of public policies in the power industry in order to develop a sustainable geopolitical view.

According to Carlos Otavio Quintella, Executive Director of the new center, FGV Energia will encourage the production of knowledge on the energy area already in place in the institution, serving as a catalyzer. “Each FGV unit produces its studies from a specific look. And we will disclose such lines of thought by providing a multidisciplinary character to the power analysis and research. This will be one of our main differentials,” he explains, emphasizing that the goal is to combine FGV’s credibility and tradition to the innovative character of the center’s proposal.

The event takes place in FGV building’s auditorium, in the 11th floor, at rua Barão de Itambi, Rio de Janeiro.