FGV Energia debates scenario and perspectives of the power sector

On May 28, FGV Energia held a lecture on the “Outlook of the Power Industry in Brazil - current scenario and perspectives,” promoted by the National Commerce Confederation (CNC) and the Economy Promoter Association (APEC) in Rio de Janeiro Trade Association. The center for studies was represented by the engineer Ruderico Pimentel addressing changes in the institutional model, short and long-term situations, issues and adjustments to the model in 2004 and MP 579/2012 – which provides for concessions of generation, transmission and distribution of power, reduction of sectoral charges and rates, in addition to other measures.

According to Pimentel, the biggest concern is the need for future investments in the sector, so that they meet the medium and long-term need for development. “Emphasizing that the current situation was created throughout time and that the current context should be analyzed in order to solve existing problems is important,” he explains.

FGV Vice-President, Sergio Franklin Quintella, praised the lecture’s initiative. “After being personally and professionally linked to the power industry as president of Internacional de Engenharia, I declare that the engineer Ruderico Pimentel made a lucid and competent assessment of the past and prospects for the future of the industry,” said Quintella, congratulating APEC and FGV Energia.

The Minister Ernane Galvêas – president of APEC, general secretary of the Brazilian Committee of the International Chamber of Commerce and member of the Board of Directors of FGV - also thanked FGV Energia’s cooperation in helping solving the energy issues in Brazil.