FGV Energia discusses energy market regulation in New York.

FGV Energia was present in the 37th International Association for Energy Economics (IAEE) annual conference from June 15 to 18, in New York. Renowned lecturers participated in the 37th IAEE that mainly focused on the relationship between energy and economic growth, and also had presentations of scientific articles in the field of energy.

FGV Energia participated as lecturer in the table that discussed the energy market regulation, along with representatives from European universities and members of the Energy Market Regulatory Authority of Turkey and United Kingdom (EMRA and Ofgem).

Mr. Maurício Tolmasquim, president of the Energy Research Company of Brazil (EPE), also participated in the event comprising the closing panel along with Mr. Jason Bordoff, Director of the Center on Global Energy Policy of Columbia University, and Mr. Ricardo Raineri, former Minister of Energy in Chile and Director of the World Bank.

The IAEE international conference is an annual event seeking to discuss critical matters for the energy sector, and attracts academy, government and industry representatives.

IAEE next international seminar will take place in May, 2015, in Antalya, Turkey.

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