FGV Energia discusses oil outlook in the country

FGV Energia conducted the lecture “Outlook of the Oil Exploration and Production Sector in Brazil” yesterday, April 15 - delivered by FGV Energia Senior Consultant, Wagner Freire.
The Economy Studies Promoter Association (APEC) hosted the event, which was attended by the Minister Reis Veloso, Minister Ernane Galvêas, FGV Vice-President Sergio Franklin Quintella, FGV Energia Executive Director Carlos Quintella, and Joel Mendes Rennó, among other authorities from the energy and economy sector.

About FGV Energia

FGV Energia is a center for studies linked to FGV Presidency, which has the purpose of producing, promoting and disseminating research and knowledge about energy in order to provide a basis for the Foundation’s strategic positioning in the power industry, thus strengthening its recognition and operation as a sector think tank.

FGV Energia’s focus is to study the power industry emphasizing seven major fields (oil, natural gas, power, nuclear, biofuels, renewable sources and energy efficiency), thus helping private companies and the government in their decision-making processes, in addition to establishing partnerships with other institutions and research centers, in Brazil and abroad.