FGV Energia participates in the largest forum on the power sector in Brazil, in Foz do Iguaçu.

FGV Energia was invited by Furnas to participate in the 13th SEPOPE - Symposium of Specialists in Electric Operational and Expansion Planning - organized by the company and happening until tomorrow, May 21, in Foz do Iguaçu. Conducted every two years, this is the most important Brazilian forum in the sector and intends to discuss the electric system operational and expansion planning in Brazil.

During the meeting, FGV Energia director, Carlos Otavio Quintella, and the coordinator for Institutional Relation at FGV Energia, Luiz Roberto Bezerra, discuss the continuous improvement in system safety; variability and diversity in energy sources and market; the impact on the electric network of renewable sources and distributed generation; interaction of the natural gas industry in developing generation and transmission systems; regulation of transmission and the effect on the generation planning; as well as the influence of rates on generation and transmission expansion.

FGV Energia representatives met the executive secretary for the Ministry of Mines and Energy (MME), Márcio Zimmermann, and the Brazilian Director-General at Itaipu Binacional, Jorge Miguel Samek, as well as other authorities from the energy sector. Among them, the Director-General of the National Electric System Operator (NOS), Hermes Chipp, the Director of the Energy Research Company (EPE), José Carlos Miranda Farias, the Director-General of the Center for Energy Research (CEPEL), Albert Melo, the Director of Operation and Maintenance at Furnas, Cesar Ribeiro Zani, and the Director of Operations of São Francisco Power Company (CHESF), Mozart Bandeira Arnaud.

Carlos Quintella and Luiz Roberto Bezerra also conducted a technical visit inside the Usina Binacional de Itaipu Power Plant - holder of the world record of power generation - and were received by the Superintendent of Renewable Energies of Itaipu and the coordinator of planning and operations of Itaipu Platform of Renewable Energies, Cícero Bley Jr, and accompanied by the Superintendent of Operations of Itaipu, Celso Villar Torino.