FGV Energia presents article during ALADEE conference

FGV Energia is present in the fifth meeting of Asociación Latinoamericana de Economía de la Energía (ALADEE), which takes place from March 15 (Sunday) to 18 (Wednesday), in Medelín, Colombia. Themed “Energy Outlook in Latin America and the Caribbean: Challenges, Constraints and Opportunities”, the event contains presentations of papers with different subjects, including oil, power, natural gas, wind and photovoltaic power, in addition to other specific topics about sustainability. Discussions are addressed under the economic view with the purpose of proposing solutions to the energy challenges in Latin America.

The event is being marked by discussions with guests from the first global level and remarkable business owners and governors debating, simultaneously, the meeting themes with academics, consultants and analysts. FGV Energia submitted an article addressing the natural gas sector structuring in Brazil named “Public Investment in the Brazilian Natural Gas Sector” for this meeting. The article will be presented Monday, the 16th, by the researcher Felipe Castor, economist at UFF and Master from the Brazilian School of Economics and Finance (FGV/EPGE), during the “Petroleum and Natural Gas” section. This article is authored by the aforementioned FGV Energia researcher, along with the coordinator Lavinia Hollanda.

“Participation in this event provided insights and proposals to improve the article, and also allowed the contact and exchange of information and knowledge with people that have influence in the power industry, placing FGV Energia in the international scenario,” emphasized Castor.