FGV Energia promotes a debate on the Brazilian power industry

Last Thursday, 30, FGV Energia gathered renowned experts from the power industry for a debate on the theme in an event in Rio de Janeiro. The topic was addressed during the book “Brazil’s Power” third edition launching of the professor and former Minister for Mines and Energy, Antônio Dias Leite.

Dias Leite emphasized, in the beginning of the event, all his experience in the Brazilian power sector and how important this discussion is for the society. “After 17 years of the original edition, it seemed fair to me to make a new one for the society at this point, including a chapter on transformations in the Brazilian power sector in the last few years, the guidelines of the current energy policy and its consequences,” he said.

Director of the Brazilian Infrastructure Center, Adriano Pires, agreed that the book should become mandatory not only in universities, but also in schools. “This is the only book in the energy sector telling the story as a whole. It brings a great benefit for future generations to understand what has happened to the Brazilian energy sector in the last few years,” declared the director.

FGV’s Vice-President Dr. Sergio Quintella; the counselor, Dr. Lindolpho de Carvalho Dias; FGV Energia’s director, Dr. Carlos Quintella; the president of Light, Paulo Roberto; Carlos Alberto de Carvalho Afonso, CFO/Administrative officer of EDF North; Adriano Pires, founding partner and director of the Brazilian Infrastructure Center; Mario Veiga Pereira, President of PSR Consultants; and professor of the IE UFRJ Energy Economy Group, Edmar de Almeida, attended the event.