Launching of FGV Energia booklet shows challenges in the natural gas sector

FGV Energia promoted the Natural Gas Booklet launching this Thursday, the 27th. The event, which took place in Getúlio Vargas Foundation headquarters in Rio de Janeiro, presented studies on the power industry and pointed out the existing obstacles, including the lack of a long-term strategy for natural gas.

Carlos Quintella, Director of FGV Energia, emphasized the importance of such discussion for the sector’s future during the event opening. “Our mission is to explore the boundaries of the energetic matter by promoting the socio-economic debate we believe is capable to hold the major transformations expected globally towards a more sustainable future,” declared.

Carlos Quintella also weighted the challenges which encouraged the preparation of this booklet “Also in the beginning of this year, we understood that natural gas is an energy that still needs further discussion. The gas has already promoted great transformations in the international scenario and, for several times, arises as a possible solution for some of the major challenges in our Brazilian energy sector, but also has a lot of unexplored borders that prevent us from effectively understanding the real size of its potential in Brazil. FGV Energia Natural Gas Booklet was then developed in order to identify such borders and open a dialogue among agents working daily on them as engines of industry advancements. We structure and expose these challenges in our booklet without intending to provide an exhaustive survey, but willing to create ground to expand the discussion and development of studies enabling the exploration of all Natural Gas potential in Brazil.”

The Vice-President of FGV, Sergio F. Quintella; the Executive Secretary of the Ministry for Mines and Energy, Márcio Zimmermann; the former CEO of ANP, David Zylberstajn; in addition to debaters Marco Antônio Almeida – MME; Augusto Salomon – ABEGAS; Hugo Repsold – Petrobras; and the moderator Ieda Gomes participated in the event. ABEGAS, Abividro, Accenture, ANP, BG, BP, CEG, Comgás, DZ Consultoria, EPE, GDF Suez, IBP, MME, Parnaíba Natural Gas, Petrobras, Queiroz Galvão E&P, Shell and Total were among the companies present.