10th Symposium on Small and Medium Power Plants and Reversible Plants

27 Mar

The Brazilian Committee on Dams - CBDB conducts a Symposium on Small and Medium Power Plants and Reversible Plants every two years with the purpose of having a privileged and high-level forum, creating conditions for discussions, as well as reflections on themes that require such analysis.

The Majestic Hotel, in Florianópolis (State of Santa Catarina) will host the 10th Symposium on Small and Medium Hydropower and Reversible Plants on April 27 and 28, 2016, followed by technical visit on April 29.

Themes are intentionally provocative. For Environment, the President of IBAMA, Dr. Marilene Ramos and the President of FATMA, Dr. Alexandre Waltrick, along with two entrepreneurs, Marcio Severi, Director of CPFL Renewable Energies and Gustavo Sbrissia, from Brookfield Renowable Energy, will debate on the following topics: Are Environmental projects deficient? Are the licensing bodies too demanding?

A round table shall also take place with medium and small turbine manufacturers, where Voith, Andritz, Hisa, Hacker and Semi Industrial will address aspects and characteristics from their equipment, thus ensuring a high level assessment and discussion on them.

The part corresponding to Reversible Plants will also have two round tables, one institutional debating on the leading power trade regulation and the state of the art of reversible plants in our country.

Without mentioning the opening lecture to be delivered by Professor Flávio Miguez de Mello on: Insecurities that may lead to collapses of Dams and their associated structures.

This entire technical framework is prepared to receive them and, as already mentioned, provide a privileged forum for discussions, find friends, see others again and establish goals to improve our country.

Access the website: http://www.xspmch.com.br and learn more about the event and its schedule.