• 26 Aug 2014

    Wind Power is the fastest growing power generation source in Brazil. With the total volume of Wind Power hired in 2013, the Wind Power will contribute to generate over 70 thousand jobs, R$ 21.2 billion in investments, 8.5 million houses supplied and 4 million tons of CO2 avoided, according to data provided by ABEEólica.

  • 20 Aug 2014

    Objective: Using the energy available rationally and searching renewable sources is a permanent and strategic challenge for companies, governments and ordinary people. Debating and disseminating technologies and experiences that may help in this sense should be a permanent commitment of the society. After all, reducing power consumption, reducing costs and increasing profits by saving and/or searching cleaner and more sustainable energies is possible.

  • 25 Jul 2014

    The conference will address suppliers’ and service providers’ expectations on the sharing model adopted at Libra pre-salt field auction, in Santos Basin; and will also clarify how the offshore market can be prepared to meet exploration demands.

    Place: Clube do Empresário - Rua da Candelária, no. 9, basement auditorium, Centro, Rio de Janeiro/RJ

    Time: 2:45PM to 6:30PM

    Conducted by: AmCham

    Supported by: FGV Energia

  • 09 Jun 2014

    The Government of the State of Espírito Santo, through ASPE - Energy Public Services Agency from the State of Espírito Santo, held the 2nd Energy State Week themed “Efficiency and Energy Safety” from June 09 to 11, 2014, in order to discuss and promote the energy industry.

    The Cycle of Lectures included people from the energy industry to discuss contemporary issues such as: “Brazilian Energy Safety: Planning and Expansion of the Power offer” and “Renewable Energies”.